Rachel’s Philosophy

Rachel demonstrates loyalty and excellence on a daily basis. Her focus on quality ensures top-level results for our firm and our partner businesses. Her leadership paves the way to maintaining a fun and challenging work environment.


At Connect DFW, Rachel fosters a team culture conducive to loyalty. “I put my people and the integrity of my business before myself,” she said. “I think it makes the people who are pushing for growth unafraid to fail because they know I will support them and guide them along the way.” She knows she has impacted her team when she sees them treat their own colleagues in exactly the same manner.


Rachel strives to deliver professional and impactful results for clients, and she imparts this ideal to her team members as well. “They manage each campaign with the same care and respect for the client’s brand that I do,” she smiled. “This is a lead-by-example business. By teaching my people to handle their clients with care, we have been able to build huge portfolios in all cities.”


Part of the reason Connect DFW is such a groundbreaking firm is Rachel’s standards of excellence. She pushes herself and her professionals to deliver the best possible results for their clients, indicating, “I learn from every mistake and study people better than I am. My standards are high because I know what I am capable of. It has impacted my leadership because I teach my people to develop and live by the same standard for themselves.”


According to Rachel, a fun and challenging environment is a huge motivator for everyone at the firm. It helps them build strong relationships with one another. “I take my business seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I know that relationships and a good environment go a long way toward creating a successful business.”

What Inspires Her

Rachel draws inspiration from a variety of sources. She is strengthened and energized by her parents, mentors, and executives – as well as the influential business leaders and entrepreneurs she serves.


There are a lot of people who inspire Rachel, but her parents are at the top of her list. She explains, “They are outstanding humans and both are educators. My job every day is to be an educator and I see so much of both of them in me. I want to make them proud!”


Rachel also credits her mentors as sources of substantial information. They represent the barometer against which she measures herself. “I find that constantly wanting to grow personally is something that makes me better in business, too,” she said. “These people have made an impact on me because they give me an example to follow.”


As the president of Connect DFW, Rachel aims to inspire her team. She is also inspired by them, however. “They keep me on my toes, and push me to be better so I can help them hit their goals,” she indicated. “They inspire me by the way they support one another and take care of their clients.”


Most business leaders identify accomplished influencers in the industry as their sources of inspiration. For Rachel, it is Mark Cuban. She appreciates that he is straightforward and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is also remarkably honest. “When I watch Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, and he decides that he won’t make an investment, he often explains that it’s because he can’t bring value to someone’s company,” Rachel noted. “That makes sense to me because he could probably make money from the company, but feels that others with different strengths would be better mentors.”


There are a lot of similarities between business and sport, so Rachel often looks to athletes for inspiration. “I am a huge Boston sports fan and I love Tom Brady,” she stated. “He is simple and action-oriented. Instead of getting caught up in media-related drama, he communicates by the way he plays football. In every situation, the results speak for themselves. The words you say before the game don’t mean anything compared to who wins later.”

Lives Changed by Rachel

As an admired leader, Rachel motivates everyone around her. As she guides her people to achieve consistent results for customers as well as businesses, she also ensures that her team members develop and advance. Rachel changes lives on both personal and professional levels.

Ben A.

As a college intern who grew into a successful businessman, Ben A. credits Rachel for her unwavering support as he navigated the business world. “The biggest lesson Rachel has taught me is accountability and to push people to their full potential; to bring out the best in them,” said Ben. “She has always been someone I can turn to for advice and know that she will always keep my best interest in mind.”

Bradley S.

When Bradley S. first met Rachel, he was 21 years old, and had much to learn about the business world and being an adult. “Rachel was the first person, other than my parents, to tell me to grow up,” he recalled. “Rachel once told me that nobody cares about how much you know unless they know how much you care. As I built my business and team, she was always a phone call away to help with challenges. She really lives those words.” Bradley even credits Rachel for teaching him to save money so he could propose to his girlfriend who is now his wife.

Cary N.

Managing Partner – Sports Marketing & Telecommunications

“Rachel has always held me to the highest performance and professional standards,” said Cary N. of Rachel, whom he credits for helping him grow into a well-rounded leader. “When I entered the business I was a recent (and entitled) college graduate. I have since grown into a professional who does not take any challenge, large or small, lightly.” Cary is enthusiastic about working with Rachel. “My biggest challenges stemmed from areas in which I had no previous experience,” he said. “Together we tackled new clients and new campaigns as if we had been working on these projects together for years.”

Elise P.

Event Coordinator

“She gave me a chance,” said Elise P. of Rachel. “I was a new college graduate with zero experience and she saw something valuable in me. Ever since, she hasn’t stopped pushing me to become better.” In addition to her professional growth, Elise believes the lessons Rachel has imparted have helped her grow personally. “Rachel taught me to believe that we determine our own fates by how hard we work and fight for them,” she said. “Over two years, she has helped me develop a strong, positive mentality that has made the biggest difference in my world.”

Emily P.

Managing Partner – Corporate Events

“When I first moved to Texas it was very hard for me,” said Emily P. of her life-changing relocation. “Rachel took me under her wing and really extended her heart and home to me.” Emily credits Rachel for helping her gain much needed patience. “She has taught me so much about patience and how to better understand people who are wired differently from me,” she said. “She is the most caring person I have ever met in my life. Rachel taught that caring can go a long way with people. It also helps build trust.”

Kara C.

Managing Partner- Corporate Events

It was the opportunity and coaching that Rachel provided that Kara C. most values. “Rachel believed in me and set me up for success,” she said, noting that the selfless leadership example Rachel demonstrates has been a tremendous lesson. “She taught me that people matter and that if you help others in all aspects of their careers and lives, you will be successful, happy, and content.” Kara also credits Rachel for helping her to achieve a work-life balance while striving to reach her goals.

Kathy N.

Office Manager

Kathy N. credits Rachel for providing her with an excellent opportunity to succeed in business. “She has helped me create a true career for myself and to become my own boss,” said Kathy, who also cited how Rachel has instilled in her that hard work does pay off and the value of always reaching for new goals and never settling.

Natalie M.

Assistant Director – Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Natalie M. credits Rachel with helping her find confidence in her abilities and a direction to follow. “She believed in me and never once gave up on me, even when it felt like a lost cause,” noted Natalie, who described finding inspiration in Rachel’s humble manner. “She taught me to always be a student of the game and be willing to learn from others, seek new methods, and always improve,” Natalie continued. “Her impact has not only allowed me to become a better manager but a better person all around. I’ve never met anyone as selfless and genuine as Rachel.”

Sonia M.

“When I first met Rachel I was a manager with only a couple of offices,” recounted Sonia M. “She formed a relationship with me and showed that she had faith in my work ethic and abilities.” Sonia noted that Rachel’s support helped her expand her business by helping her raise awareness. “Rachel has been a huge advocate of my services. She taught me to always keep learning and to be my own competition,” said Sonia. “Her work ethic and genuine care in others is truly inspirational.”